How to find out whether your device has been hacked

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How to find out whether your device has been hacked



No matter how much you pay attention to protecting your data and passwords, there is always a danger of being hacked. Fortunately, there is a way of quickly finding out whether your device has been hacked. Those who recognize the risks certainly know how to protect themselves from being hacked, but as we said, nobody is actually completely safe. Do not think that protection against hacking is a job for advanced users. Do not tell yourself that you have nothing to hide, because there are many ways hackers can do you harm, not only stealing your photos or seeing your chats. Do not allow to get in a situation to be damaged, either emotionally (which perhaps has the worst consequences) or financially. Even if you do not use Google Wallet, if someone knows how to hack, for example, your Facebook or Google profile, they are very likely to know how to hack your e-banking account.

Let us talk about why you need to protect yourself against hacking, although you are 100% certain that you are not threatened by it. Even if you think that it is irrelevant whether someone will hack your account, it can happen that this action jeopardizes someone you care about. There are many ways to protect against hacking and certainly prevention is the best solution. passUsing strong security passwords, account activity tracking, monitoring e-mail messages related to the security of your account and being aware of what can happen are certainly good ways to prevent hacking and suspect that it can happen and react on time. But there is also a useful application that will do all that work for you and inform you with alarm when it senses the danger of hacking?

We live in a time when software solutions are impressively efficient.

Therefore, we would like to introduce an application of a very interesting name – “LogDog”. Technically speaking, LogDog is IDS (Intrusion Detection System) for phones, which is intended to protect all services that use the Internet, such as Gmail, Yahoo, Dropbox, Evernote and the like. Whenever something suspicious is going on with any of your accounts, applications LogDog will alert and notify you that someone is trying to hack the account. LogDog constantly scans and monitors activities such as time reporting on these services, the location and the number of sent messages. Of course, there are also many more parameters by which LogDog operates, which provide security of all your accounts. As soon as LogDog notices that something is happening, which usually does not, it will notify you with the alarm.

dropb2At the moment, LogDog only works with the accounts you have on Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail, Evernote and Yahoo, but its developers are working hard to extend this list. LogDog application can be downloaded from Google Play Store, and it is completely free of charge. It is graded 4.4 by the users, and with hundreds thousands of downloads and many positive comments, it is certainly worth a try.