Kim Kardashian Hollywood

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Kim Kardashian Hollywood


Developing this game, Kim Kardashian made a break through on the market of mobile apps and traditional games. It became available on Google Play and Apple Store. The developers made a first fictional character who manage to play the media and go through Hollywood scene unharmed. With the help of Kim Kardashian avatar, the player will have the opportunity to climb the Hollywood ladder and become famous or infamous, such as Kim.

We have encountered numerous games, where there are scenes with dialog boxes popping out in which the characters are leading conversation. This usually occurs at the beginning and after we skip this part, we can continue on with the game, but in the Kim Kardashian Hollywood this is the game. Considering that they created reality empire, they are the main characters and everything else is meaningless.

Peaks of the game:

vhn3mijbthtplreasrdkThe whole interface is girly like.  You as a player will get the possibility to customize your own Kim Kardashian avatar. When you get to the level five, your character will have to deal with the person called Willow Pape. In some parts of the game, she will subtweet and hashtag you #Obamacare and #Illuminati. This just might be the best part of the play.

The downsides of the game:

When you begin with it, the first thing you will notice is a statement: “Dating famous people will get you more fans too”. This is a highly improper thing to say, but the developers thought it’s a smart move to put it as a tag line. Moving on, that isn’t the biggest flaw in this game. The main focus is put on how some ordinary, plain person can become famous paparazzi magnet and the whole drama ends here. If they made the game based on here actual life, it would certainly be more interesting.

This is a typical game about social climbing, so it shouldn’t surprise us due to materialistic and capitalistic effects that it has. When you play some game, you will expect it to be challenging, interesting and fun, but this one lacks on all of that. Maybe we shouldn’t expect from Kardashian clan to deliver that, in fact, we got what we asked for. All the tasks in it include riding by bus, from Downtown L.A to Hollywood. How crazy is that, considering we are talking about Kardashian here.

435641-kim-kardashian-hollywoodAt some point, this game becomes frustrating because there isn’t a lot of option you can explore. You will be tapping in the circles and following the narrative voice, in addition to that, you will have to wait until you unlock the next level. Unless, you choose the option to pay and skip this boring part. Considering the levels, once you start with one pace, you will finish it with the same pace because there is no difficulty. Since there isn’t challenges and choices, after some time, this game might become boring.

Make your own judgment, download the game and start playing, maybe you even like it.

It is needless to say that this game gained huge popularity – you can even find Kim Kardashian game generator web sites with cheats.