Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption

When I first stumbled upon Red Dead Redemption, I honestly thought it was the perfect gaming combination.  Rockstar, the makers of the seminal Grand Theft Auto series, trying their hand at a sandbox game set in the Old West. For many (including myself), Red Dead Redemption has been the highlight of their gaming year.  It looks beautiful, it plays amazingly and it features a good solid plot.

Without sounding too gushing, it is almost the perfect game, and certainly a contender for my personal game of the year. So it’s encouraging to see that Rockstar have released additional content for the game, which actually turns things on its head a bit.Rdr_outfits

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare was released earlier on in the year as DLC, so those unlucky enough to not have online access on their gaming consoles can breathe a sigh of relief as the new 6-hour campaign has finally made it onto shiny, shiny disc. Undead Nightmare is a completely new campaign.  Side tracking things from the original story, things start off with our protagonist, John Marston waking up to find out that a mysterious plague has engulfed the land and that the dead are rising.

red-dead-redemption-the-man-from-blackwater.32088With both his wife and child infected, John heads into town to find the doctor.  Naturally, the town is in trouble and John offers his help to sort out this unholy dead mess. From culling the undead to cleansing local graveyards, things never get tiresome.  Initially armed with a torch, a shotgun and a pistol, there is always something for John to do. Even between missions – on his way from one village to another – he will encounter people in need of assistance.  The side missions range from rescuing civilians from zombie attacks, capturing a live zombie for a doctors research or escorting an individual to safety. This is one of the shooting zombie games.

As you progress through the land you’ll encounter undead animals such as cougars, bears and boars.  All very mental.